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The NGO will collect new bicycles and batches of accessories or cycling material to promote the education, development and integration of young and adult people at risk of social exclusion

The NGO "Bicicletas Sin Fronteras" will be in Festibike collecting bikes for its Project "Bikes for education" which takes place in Senegal.
This Project has been ongoing since 2015 with an objective: To facilitate the access to education for children and young people through the bicycle.
"Bicicletas Sin Fronteras" will give bikes to schools of Senegal for those students who live far away and for the best students of the class, it will put into operation a bicycle workshop and will build a parking for those bikes.
During Festibike, every exhibitor will be able to give a new bike or a batch of accessories or cycling material for the project in its stand I-17.

Thanks to this Project, school absenteeism will be reduced, the students will be able to arrive on time to school, less tired, and therefore, their school performance will be increased.

Undoubtedly, a good action where every visitant is able to collaborate too, the next 13 th , 14 th and 15 th of September.

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