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An exciting competition with importants cash prizes and a special SPIUK prize for the first round.


Carlos Coloma, Aida Nuño, Sergio Mantecón, Ismael Esteban, Rocío G. del Alba, Rubén Ruzafa... are going to compete in this Short Track MTB XC

LAPIERRE, a pioneer French brand in MTB, has bet strongly this year for Festibike, and besides exhibiting in the Fair, the brand is going to be the main sponsor of the Short Track XC MTB. A modality included in the MTB World Cup which is outstanding for its spectacularity and emotion. The bikers will circle around a 1,2 km circuit to complete a time of 20-25 minutes approx.

The Short Track Lapierre will be held on Saturday 14 th of September at 19h, it is a federated trail and is opened to bikers over 19 years old. There are two categories, male and the female, although there are several subcategories: Elite, Sub23 and Másters. There will be important cash prizes for both general categories, trophies for the rest of categories and a special SPIUK prize for the first biker crossing the finish line in the first round.

Pre-registration will be available in and will cost 10 euros. The registration period begins on July 29 th and ends on September 10 th, 2019, at 20.00h. Participation is limited to 40 bikers for each category. This pre-registration will not give a direct right to participate in the race. The Organization will evaluate the level of the pre-registered bikers and in order with that, it will choose 40 participants to race in each category.

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