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This championship will be organized by Last Lap and RFEC, and sponsored by the Community of Madrid, it will be placed on September 14th and 15th in their modalities of Park and Flatland

The Community of Madrid, and more specifically, the municipality of Las Rozas in Festibike, will host the Spanish BMX Freestyle Championship 2019 in their modalities of Park and Flatland for the categories Open and Junior, both male and female.

The championship of this discipline has a significant interest, because in 2020, for the first time in history, the BMX Freestyle will be an Olympic sport in Tokio.


The event will by organized by Last Lap and the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation, and will have in the Park modality a children's category (from 7 to 11 years old), Junior (from 12 to 14 years old) and Open (from 15 years old), all of them in male and female categories. The modality of Flatland will be set with a unique Open category, for men and women.

The bike park where the championship is held, will be created specifically for the occasion and will be placed inside the activities zone of Festibike. The BMX Freestyle is a cycling acrobatic discipline where riders make tricks in the most difficult circumstances. During the summer of 2017, the UCI confirmed that this discipline would be Olympic in Tokio 2020 and, therefore, this championship will grant points for the Spanish riders to let them achieve a place in the Olympic Games.


The event will be developed with the collaboration of Las Rozas City Council and the General Directorate for Youth and Sports of the Community of Madrid.

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